Monday, April 23, 2018

Contract Services

faq_help_key_cropped_squareMany business owners feel the need for a full-time IT staff but simply cannot afford it. Lovell Systems offers monthly service contracts as an option to keep IT personnel on-call without having to pay hourly costs every time a need arises. Instead, customers can choose to pay a low monthly fee that would cost a fraction of what a full-time IT salary would.

Recent News


The new Lovell Systems Inc. web site was launched. It was a total overhaul but the results have been great for the company.


We have successfully converted The Parenting Place - Prevent Child abuse over to a CMS. This new implementation will greatly improved there ability to update and manage their site from their offices.


Check out the new look of Wren Baptist Church web site. Not only is the design new but so are some of the features such as the ability to listen to the latest sermons and also download them.